About Cogilabs

Welcome to Cogilabs, the home of my personal projects and creations. My name is David Girou and I will really soon be an Engineer. I have always been passionate about technology and the endless possibilities it offers.

The purpose of Cogilabs is to serve as a personal brand name for my various projects and creations. From web development to IoT applications and electronic devices, I use this domain to put a name on my projects and make them more identifiable, as well as hosting those which are web-based.

Here and on my Github, you will find some my personal projects and creations, all of which are the result of my passion for technology and problem-solving.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here, and maybe find some of my projects interesting and informative. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me here.

Thank you for visiting Cogilabs.eu!

P.S.: My apologies for the “not that good looking” website, it's just handwritten html and css for the most part, along with a bit of js and php here and there.